The Creeps

The Creeps - John Connolly The Creeps is the final installment in John Connolly’s Samuel Johnson Trilogy. Readers familiar with the previous books will be happy to see that friendly demons Nurd and Wormwood are living comfortably with our hero and his mother in Biddlecombe. Samuel has grown up quite a bit, and has even won over the fetching Lucy Highmore. His friends, especially Maria, fail to see what Samuel sees in her beyond her physical attributes. Of course, as is typical for this series, Samuel is soon faced with a greater challenge than mere romantic drama. Scientists Hilbert and Stefan, hiding out in an abandoned candy shop, have been closely monitoring the town after having inadvertently created the portal to Hell that provided the source of action in the two prior novels. Crudford, a gelatinous creature who reports back to his master in Hell, has discovered that the portal can also admit to Biddlecombe an even bigger danger originating in the world of Shadows. Many favorite characters reappear to help Samuel defend the earth from annihilation one last time. The Creeps is not quite as cohesive as its predecessors, but it still contains the characteristic wit and humor that would appeal to both young and old Samuel Johnson fans. Entertaining and fast-paced, the Creeps provides some nice closure for an endearing, clever series.