Short but Suspenseful

Tiny Crimes - Lincoln Michel

Tiny Crimes, edited by Lincoln Michel and Nadxieli Nieto, is a unique anthology of very short stories written by famous authors from around the world.  As a nice touch, the editors include versions of the stories in their original languages as well.  The forty stories in the collection all address the expression of humanity’s potential for darkness in a variety of styles and subject matter.  Some of the stories are political in tone with a futuristic/dystopic view, others are more deeply psychological.  The accessibility of each entry varies, depending on how experimental its form and the amount of cultural references. A few are a bit pretentious and overly wrought, but the majority are straightforward powerful punches. All have artistic merit and take only a few minutes to read, so Tiny Crimes would be good for those looking for something “interruptible” but still entertaining and thought-provoking.