The Gates

The Gates - John Connolly Trying to get an early start on collecting his Halloween treats, Samuel Johnson and his super-smart dog Boswell unwittingly stumble upon a plot from the denizens of Hell to conquer the Earth. The Gates by John Connelly would probably best belong on the shelf of a younger teen, but as a 47-year-old fan of good writing and dry British wit, I was enamored from the start. Of course, no one is going to believe poor Samuel as he attempts to enlist the aid of the typical authority figures, and he needs to begin the battle with only his own rare bravery and the help of two friends who trust in him enough to join the fight. The forces of evil don’t realize they have a real challenge on their hands, and that one of their own will prove to be instrumental to the human resistance. This novel kept me speeding through the pages, laughing out loud, and eagerly searching for the sequel, The Infernals. I am sure it won’t take me long to get hooked on that title as well, and I cannot wait to see what new adventures await Samuel and Boswell. I will have to hide both books from my kids until I get a chance to finish.